FP Watercress & Mint Room Spray

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Linen and room spray
A colorful scent you’ll definitely
fall in love with
Wake up your senses in a new way with this marvelous watercress and mint room spray! After applying this odor scent, your room will transform into a forest full of fresh and vibrant fragrances.
Watercress and mint spray specifications
Product details
Made in the United States of America. The spray bottle comes at the size of 2in x 2in x 9in. With a 16 oz. capacity.
Fragrance notes
Freshly picked watercress, mint leaf, thyme, a splash of lime juice and agave nectar with impressions of water lilies.
Freshen up your room with a great scent
These new room sprays take the popular scents of the fragrance palette line and turn them into a fine mist spray that is great for any room, linen, or car. Inside the bottle, you will find the signature hand-painted illustrations describing the different aspects of each fragrance.

37 reviews for FP Watercress & Mint Room Spray

  1. D***k

    Amazing. Makes my laundry room smell amazing.

  2. J***t

    The bottle is easy to spray and it sprays a nice fine mist.

  3. E***d

    Smells nice for sure but pricey,anyway I’m definitely buying it again.

  4. B***c

    Smells great. Not too strong. I spritz it on my sheets at night.

  5. Y***c

    The scent is amazing, I just wish it was stronger and lasted longer.

  6. L***p

    I absolutely love this room spray. It fills my room with a spa-like vibe.

  7. N***r

    I tried this for the first time and my whole family (husband & kids) love it!

  8. F***n

    Very nice scent. The spray is more of a mist and it does not stain the linens.

  9. W***b

    Love this ! I saw it on tiktok, so I bought it. I would definitely purchase it again!

  10. V***y

    This is better than I expected! The smell is great, soothing and not artificial or overwhelming.

  11. U***d

    I LOVE this. Been looking for one for years to like more than name brands and this is perfect

  12. K***c

    Love love love! Even spray a little on my pyjamas before I hop into bed! New addiction for sure!

  13. R***s

    I think the bottle is very cute and different. The packaging was perfect and kept the bottle secure.

  14. O***a

    Smells very refreshing. I love it. Great the spitz a little right before people come to your house.

  15. D***y

    Honestly I couldn’t believe how amazing my room smelled seconds after spraying this on my couch.

  16. P***g

    I adore this scent and how soothing it is. I wish the bottle was bigger! Guess I have to buy more!

  17. I***a

    I was looking for a great linen spray that would actually last a long time and smell great, and this is it!!!

  18. L***y

    Highly recommend it if you are trying to get rid of odors and just want a scent to last more than 5 minutes.

  19. A***b

    This spray smells so amazing! I like that I can freshen up my house in a more natural way and the scent is strong and sticks around.

  20. Z***p

    This is great for refreshing musty sheets from the cupboard, or just spritzing the sheets on your bed a few minutes before getting into bed.

  21. C***t

    Good scent! I spray it on our pillows 30 minutes before bed or in the bathroom when it’s steamy from the shower.
    Good price.
    It will definitely last a while.

  22. R***v

    This product is easy to use. Works any direction you attempt to spray it. Wish the scent lasted longer, but it does have a strong initial scent.

  23. B***n

    I received this product and it smells amazing and it’s very scented as I knew what it was before I opened the bag. The scents are well balanced and I’m very happy with this fresh linen spray.

  24. M***v

    Great bottle and scent. I use this in between washing my bed sheets and the comforter. I also use this on the couch before guests arrive. It makes everything smell very clean and cozy!

  25. J***y

    Okay, so let me tell you how much I love this product! Some mint scents are over the top and smell like a grandma’s bathroom. Not this. This smells like absolute heaven. 10/10 recommendation.

  26. S***a

    Smells great but not sure about how long the scent lasts on furniture. I have only used it a few times and this is not something I will spray all the time just when I feel an item needs a bit of a refresher. I like the nozzle as well.

  27. R***y

    I took a risk in buying this and I’m so pleased. The liquid comes out of the bottle as a mist. I spray it on the pillows before going to bed and the scent is great. So glad I bought this and I’d buy it again. ????????????????

  28. E***a

    This linen spray smells amazing and is relaxing when sprayed on your sheets right before bed ensuring a great night’s rest. The packaging is great too as compared to most department store sprays. Highly recommend it!

  29. Y***r

    This is a great spa quality spray for a fraction of the cost. I use it to freshen my sheets. Guests’ rooms tend to lose the fresh scent since they are rarely used. This product allows me to give my clean but unscented sheets a quick spruce up for unexpected guests!

  30. D***k

    I like it way more than I thought I would. The scent is lovely and strong. Only need a single spray or two. The sprayer emits such a fine mist it doesn’t leave your pillow or sheets damp or wet. I don’t know if it has a big calming effect but it certainly doesn’t hurt. I will buy this again.

  31. G***a

    This is really wonderful linen and room spray, and a great price. I’m *very* sensitive to scents, especially artificial ones, and this doesn’t bother me at all. Just the right amount of intensity and perfect to help relax when you climb into bed. Love it and highly recommend it!

  32. K***a

    I’ve been using this on my pillows and top sheet every night. Love the scent, it’s very calming and soothing. As someone who suffers from insomnia after years of shift work I’m not sure if it actually helps me sleep but I like it and will reorder

  33. D***l

    Super easy to use spray bottle, smells amazing. Perfect size because a single spray can go a long way. I like to use it on my furniture and my laundry and it makes everything smell great. The bottle and the label look great together. Great product all the way around for the price.

  34. B***c

    Love the smell of this spray. I use it on our pillows at night and it has a calming effect for me. Even my husband noticed the fragrance and asked if I would give his pillow and extra squirt. I’m happy to oblige. The bottle is kind of small; I guess I didn’t read the fine print for this item. That said, I only use it on our pillows and the spray is a fine mist so I think it will last a while.

  35. H***t

    I spray this on my sheets nightly when making up my bed and I can still smell it when I wake up in the morning! The bottle is really great too! It’s lightweight and easy to sorag even if I just put lotion on my hands. Compared to similar products I’ve purchased this is a lot more product for a lower end price but the product is honestly the best pillow mist I’ve used.

  36. P***l

    This item was a gift. The review is 2nd hand. My mom said she loves it. She loves the scent which is why I picked it. And I asked her about a month after Christmas how she liked it and she gushed about it. She said it actually made a difference for her quality of sleep. For her and her cat. Not sure how she knows the cat is sleeping better but she was having issues sleeping but I am glad she feels better rested.

  37. T***c

    I originally received this product to be used as intended, a spray for my mattress and couch to refresh it. When I received this product I had just gotten a horrible sunburn on my arms and back. When looking at the ingredients, they are all things that are meant to soothe a sunburn. This product helped me heal my sunburn. It is made with natural ingredients and never irritates my sensitive skin. I highly recommend this product for its scent as well, very soothing and relaxing. It smells like a spa.

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